A new reality begins

I wrote this song in my early 30s after confronting the men who had sexually assaulted me from age 4-17. It is also a chapter in my autobiography ‘A two-way street’. It was such a heavy load to carry not having talked to anyone about what I went through so early on in my life since I was shut down by the perpetrators. I wrote in my book “to fully appreciate the bonding that is formed in forgiveness, one must become the forgiver”. 

I didn’t need to receive any response from them. By confronting them and saying ‘I forgive you’, I confronted my fears, trauma, guilt and shame. I walked away confident to be me and no longer felt trapped by their abuse. I was finally able to move on … a new reality for me began.

I hope you enjoy the song and if you have gone through similar abuse, may you find a way to free yourself to become you.