Season 3 Unleashes Empowerment

LivingWell Talks is back with new episodes of life’s moments, new discoveries, overcoming trauma from Dr Mel Baker’s own healing journey. She has been on a rather long arduous journey recently. Around September 2022 Mel left herself behind! But it was out of this experience, Mel has been able to develop, grow and rebuild Mel 6.0. I’m sure you will hear more about that over this coming year! There is much more to share, to inspire and empower as we journey through life together.

Mel’s insights, as a trauma survivor herself, shares wisdom, vulnerability, and practical tools for healing. When insights come and is worth sharing the gem, then episodes will be added. We want authentic voices – tune in to raw, unfiltered narratives who have navigated adversity – together our strength will resonate with you to help rewrite our own narratives.

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Tools and Resources:

Hidden Truths: Breaking the Silence

Changing negative core beliefs – tool here


Extra resources

Holding onto Hope

Paperback and eBook are now available at your local Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble.

Like to know more about the trilogy go to Dr Mel Baker books.

The unsettled mind: reclaim your life

If you would like more information on how to self-love, read Jonathan Moore’s article in Living Expressions publication.

Guest Anchal Singh: new book Rise and Fall

You can purchase a copy of her new book from Kindle Amazon.

Never lose sight of who you are

Feel free to download my internal and external validations analysis tool (Excel):

The final blow: suffering to victory

From my book ‘Painting Beauty with the Ashes‘.

Mastering restoration

A free online tool I have developed to help guide you is available below. Exploring your 5 core responses, which ones in this moment are exhausted, depleted, tired or energised?



Extra Resources

Can mental health be cured?

Summary of the 8 steps:

1: Accepting circumstances surrounding your health and losses
2: Discover your safe place and why that is key
3: Learn to nurture yourself
4: Embrace the moment
5: Find the right therapist that understands you
6: Learning to ask yourself the right question
7: Externalising your internal self
8: Learning to live with your circumstances, triggers and all

This was developed as part of THE WELLBEING ROADMAP GAME, Dr Mel Baker 2017

Whole living: who are you for tomorrow

Tools to help you towards whole living.

Check in with yourself and destress

You may like to download the internal validation tool that is listed in episode 16 or this tool that concentrates only on listen to self with a few more deeper exercises of self-discovery to choose from.

Episode 16

Shine your light: conversation with Jonathan Moore

Tools to help you shine your light:

Join Jonathan’s Facebook group: The revitalised life

Unchain your purpose and meaning (last tool on page)

What is your strongest internal validation you can draw upon during tough days?

Episode 14

Episode 13

Forgiving others, Releasing self

Included in this episode is part of a song I wrote on this topic – ‘A new reality begins‘. The full version of the song with imagery and words can be viewed at https://youtu.be/9Vv_bWEsors

When we are swamped by the world around us and weighed down by burdens, getting back to the grass roots is one of the best things we can do. In episode 12, I talk about some simple strategies to ground yourself and find yourself in a moment that you will thank you for and others around you! To unearth a moment if you have to be in it.

Empowering our kids to become warriors

Feel free to download the toolkit below of the key points Heather raises to go through with your children (or for yourself), included are links to resources.

Going off the grid: subconscious tools

The free PDF tool kit includes step-by-step instructions, self-awareness individual assessment and personal examples. When you decide to take time off the grid, your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it. 

Instrumental piece: Agape Cries from my music CD ‘A two way street

Gaining resilience out of discomfort

If you would like to know more about your core values, go to a tool I created – here.

I had the opportunity to learn horsemanship skills with Scott Brodie and other military veterans. It was through connection with nature and ex-racehorses that I found healing. I reflect on a recent encounter with a Thoroughbred and then it picks up on parts of a radio interview I did with 3Quirks and a Turk earlier this year.

Conversation with Paul Elderkin

Paul, co-founder of Starting Five, and I discuss how important it is to have connection and resilience in times of stress, trauma and uncertainty.

You can read Paul’s story and my story in the latest issue of Living Expressions publication

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