A new reality begins

I wrote this song in my early 30s after confronting the men who had sexually assaulted me from age 4-17. It is also a chapter in my autobiography ‘A two-way street’. It was such a heavy load to carry not having talked to anyone about what I went through so early on in my life since I was shut down by the perpetrators. I wrote in my book “to fully appreciate the bonding that is formed in forgiveness, one must become the forgiver”. 

I didn’t need to receive any response from them. By confronting them and saying ‘I forgive you’, I confronted my fears, trauma, guilt and shame. I walked away confident to be me and no longer felt trapped by their abuse. I was finally able to move on … a new reality for me began.

I hope you enjoy the song and if you have gone through similar abuse, may you find a way to free yourself to become you.

A two-way street

I was 16 years of age, having lived through horrific trauma, abuse and assaults since the age of 4 all orchestrated by the man who grew me up, called “dad”. This song written by a mate, Ben McKinnon, who read my story and looked at my life from a different perspective.

Ben and I recorded our CD in 2004. This is our cover song that goes with my autobiography A two-way street – 2nd edition is now available in Kindle Amazon, iBooks and Blurb.

Anyone want the music CD – contact me.


Have your say!

Is something stirring in your heart? Have you unanswered questions? Is there a particular subject you would like to hear? Are you struggling with life and want to explore that further?

Why not post a question, a thought, a response below? Dr Mel Baker will do her best to respond. It will be engaging for all of us. We can all learn from each other.

This is about empowering community, empowering each other.

Empowering community

If there is ever a time to empower each other it is 2020. I began Living Expressions publication and LivingWell Talks podcast to just this – to inspire, to encourage and to empower each other.

The publication’s first issue is beaming with inspirational life-stories, stirring poetry, art that captures a moment in time as well as Australian photography. Contributors who have expressed their story in any issue of Living Expressions are invited to be part of the podcast too. Paul’s story is one that is saving lives through coming out of depression and despair after finding his partner had suicided. His podcast will feature later this week.

In the meantime, why not grab a copy of the publication? To be part of empowering community, to inspire your journey, to transform others lives as the money raised goes towards helping people doing it tough as well as those who have contributed. After reading it through, why not be part of the community and share your story as well in anyway that you would like to express that.

Go to the link below to take a peak inside and watch the YouTube video, then head to the link below that to purchase your copy of Living Expressions.



Have you ever noticed the space between leaves? They live and thrive in their purpose to be a leaf in community with other leaves, but when they are crowded, overwhelmed, pushed down, they struggle. With nurturing they come good again! Then there are the ones that are snapped, squashed, darkened away and sadly they die.

Likewise as we live our purpose, we will come across difficult times and difficult people on our paths unexpectedly. Are we going to let it drown us or state there’s a time for exhaustion, a time for depression, a time for pain and when it’s time to thrive again be ready!

For now be nurtured.