Motivational podcast

LivingWell Talks provides a free mental health and well-being podcast. Episodes are developed out of my own lived experiences and sharing tools / strategies that have helped me towards healing and finding hope. Season 1 (20 episodes) and Season 2 now available. Can listen directly off the website, including free tools or subscribe for free through Apple podcast.

“I am a passionate creative educator wanting to
inspire others through our shared experiences.”

– Dr Mel Baker

Be the best you can be

Sit back. Be empowered. It’s free.

Do you want to be part of a podcast?

Are you passionate about supporting others? Are you practicing a technique that will empower others? Have you lived experiences you would like to share?

Please get in touch with me through email, Instagram or Facebook DM (using the icons at bottom of each page on this website) or through the contact form.

New podcast show: monologues of real moments

We all go through moments and sometimes those tough, sad, difficult moments we feel so alone. This podcast show Living Expressions is my lived experience of real moments, so that you don’t ever have to feel alone again. Interactive tools will be developed to help people through moments in life.

You can listen directly off the website: Living Expressions or subscribe for free on Apple, Google or Spotify.

Click on the picture above to watch a segment of our radio interview on 89.3 about animals healing people from trauma. The full radio interview can be heard on the podcast – ep 4.

Empowering community

If there is one thing in the world I love doing and that is empowering individuals to be the best they can be. LivingWell Talks embraces natural wellbeing, education and tools on how to live the best you can with what you already have.


Finding hope

The last couple of months has been so crazy! I’ve been juggling and tackling through so much that at times it has left me with no energy to even contemplate recording an episode. There’s been so many things I’ve lived through that I wanted to share … they will come eventually. During this break from …